Christmas Chutneys

It's that time of year again and we're pleased to say that our chutneys have made a welcome return.

All hand-cut from fresh ingredients and free from preservatives, our chutneys continue maturing in the jar – giving them a full flavour well past the festive season. And, naturally… they’re all made with love.

We offer the following 6 tasty varieties

  • Chunky Pear & Walnut Chutney

  • Orange & Malt Whiskey Marmalade

  • Festive Plum & Port Chutney

  • Classic Piccalilli - Sorry, sold out

  • Onion & Caraway Marmalade

  • Seasonal Cherries & Onion Chutney - Sorry, sold out

A set of 3 jars of your choice for £12, delivered free within the St Albans area - some stock still produced throughout the year - order yours now.